The Conygre Technical Staff Onboarding and Training Platform

Do you face challenges in effectively managing the onboarding process for your technical staff? Do you struggle to evaluate the success of your onboarding training?

We can help. We have been helping corporations effectively onboard their technical staff since 2002. Through our onboarding platform, and highly experienced instructional team, we can run programs for graduates, apprentices, or new starters within your company.

Our programs incorporate assessments through our proprietary testing platform, and project work simulating real world applications closely aligned to the technologies and business area that you are engaged in. In addition, real time feedback on individual progress is available through our testing platform.

Full Stack Developers

These are the most popular programs, incorporating everything you require from what is described on this page condensed into a comprehensive program. These programs are tailored for graduate or apprentice level entry with topics and emphasis decided by you. Full stack can be whatever combination of technologies that you use. SQL or NoSQL, Java/.NET/NodeJS middleware, HTML5/JS/Angular/React/Vue front ends or mobile front ends with Xamarin/IOS/Android. It is entirely up to you what we cover off. But whatever we do it will be an integrated program where all the components are connected up together to see how they all interact. We will then also look at deployment, continuous integration, source control management, test automation and such like which are all vitally important in conjunction with the actual software product itself.

DevOps Engineers

The range of choices available for DevOps best practices is huge, with multiple automated test engines, continuous integration and build engines, cloud platforms, container orchestration platforms and so on is vast. In addition there are then variations on how teams are structured within an organisation and how roles are defined. Regulatory compliance also significantly affects how devops best practices can be implemented within the constraints of security and regulatory requirements.

Production Support

Infrastructure management, cloud adoption, effective monitoring and log management using LogStash or Splunk is commonplace these days. How this is achieved and managed is an important skill for any new starters who you want to ensure hit the ground running when starting within your production support roles. We can tailor a program for your infrastructure, whether AWS, Azure, On Premises or Hybrid, we can ensure that we teach your infrastructure architecture and also ensure that we cover off how you monitor and maintain your existing platforms.

Test Automation

Manual testing is a dying discipline and automation has to be the way forward wherever possible. We deliver programs covering test automation using tools like Selenium, Cucumber, Microsoft Test Hub, and the JUnit, MSTest, Jasmine etc. technologies that underlie many of these automated tests. We can tailor your program to cover off the relevant technologies and practices for your team.

Front End

Front end development has become much more complex over recent years with the emergence of so many different JavaScript frameworks, and then coupled with the emergence of microservice architectures at the backend offering a swathe or REST APIs that can be consumed by Web applications today. Our programs typically cover off HTML5/CSS/JavaScript plus any specific JavaScript frameworks and JavaScript build and automation tools that you have selected to use such as WebPack, Grunt, Gulp or SASS or whatever.

Cloud Architects

FOur team comprises of specialists in cloud, with highly certified engineers with real world experience of cloud deployments delivering the training. Covering off both hybrid and all in approaches to the cloud, focusing on security and best practices around automation and architectural approaches.

Mobile Development

With the massive growth in mobile - both IOS and Android, we can cover off either or both of these along with Xamarin for cross platform development if that is what your teams use.